Using A Local Printing Services Shop For Your Home Decor

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Your neighborhood copy shop is more than a place to print off lost kitten fliers or to make copies of the family recipes. It can also be a one-stop shop for your wall decoration needs. The average copy shop can provide you with inexpensive but gorgeous artwork that will make your plain walls pop with new interest.

The Big Print

Many copy shops offer what are called engineer prints. These are normally used by engineers, who print off large blueprints. They are available in color or black and white, and they can measure up to 18 by 24 inches in size. These are an excellent idea for blowing up pictures of family members, or you can use them for your favorite landscapes you have snapped on your camera.

Postcard Prints

Do you want something smaller, perhaps a lot smaller, than the average copy? Most copy service providers also offer paper cutting along with copies. You can print several pictures to a page, and then have them professionally cut to size. Postcard size works well, since this is a good size for clustering on a small display table.

Fabric Banners

More and more copy shops are also getting into basic sign printing, which means they may be able to transfer your image onto fabric. This allows you to create custom banners and wall hangings from your photos and artwork. You can even stretch the printed fabric over a frame, so it resembles a canvas painting.

Frame Options

Copy shops may even handle some of your framing, for less expense than a frame shop. Although this service is aimed at business clients that are creating presentations, it also gives your prints a finished look for hanging. The look is minimalist, which allows your pictures to be the focal point instead of a frame.

They may also provide clear acetate plastic sleeves. These are most readily available for postcard-sized art, since their purpose is to display and protect printed materials in a business setting. Once again, though, they also work well for a clean, modern display option in the home.

Final Tips

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