Rack Card Advertisinig Tips For Pet Walking Businesses

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Starting your dog walking and pet sitting business requires a steady clientele to ensure success. Fortunately, there is an inexpensive way to get word out about your services – rack cards. These eye-catching leaflets are the same size as a brochure, but they are generally only double-sided and printed on heavier paper. In some instances, they may be a mini-brochure that folds open to two double-sided pages. The following tips can help you get the most of this advertising option.

Tip #1: Create an Eye-Catching Design

The bulk of your design should be on the top third of the card. This is because this is all that may be initially visible depending on the type of rack and your placement in the rack. Create a simple logo that embodies the purpose of your business as a pet sitting or walking service, followed by your business name in easy-to-read print. This increases the chances of someone noticing the card that is looking for your particular services. The rest of the card and the back is for the details of your service. You will also want to make sure your contact information is clearly visible on both sides of the card.

Tip #2: Provide the Benefits First

Many people see their pets as family members, sometimes even as children. So, play on the fact that pets are lonely during the day. One benefit could be that dog walking provides the dogs with exercise and companionship when they are otherwise stuck home alone all day while the owner works. Or, how a daily walking ensures the owners pet is monitored so any injuries or illnesses are caught quickly. Focusing on the benefits as soon as possible is more likely to hook a customer.

Tip #3: Features Come In Second

The features, or actual services, are second to the benefits. You may want to list these on the back of the card if the front is in danger of becoming crowded. List all the services you offer, with or without a price list. Keep in mind, if you have a price list you will need to print new cards and collect all the old ones in circulation each time your prices changes. Instead, consider listing a web page and keep your updated price list available there.

Tip #4: Rack Them Wisely

Provide the cards in places where your clients are likely to be. Groomers and vets often have small advertising racks available, or you may be able to ask to display a single card rack on a counter or table in the office. It never hurts to ask! In exchange, you can refer your clients to their services. Pet supply stores are another advertising options. If you live in a major tourist center and have pet-friendly hotels in your area, you may even want to advertise in the hotel lobby racks. Travelers sometimes bring their pets but then have to leave them in the room for much of the day. For more information on printing rack cards, talk to a professional like M13 Graphics.