4 Ways To Damage A Copier

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The office copier is as critical as employees, a building, and utilities. However, companies don’t always treat these sophisticated appliances with the respect they deserve. These four common copier mistakes can lead to damage to your copier. Leaving the Cover Up Leaving the copier cover up in itself isn’t the problem. It’s when the cover falls that a machine may incur damage. Blows to any piece of machinery can cause issues, but a falling cover on a copier could damage the cover itself, crack the glass, and even dislocated the finer machinery on the inside of the machine. Dust can also collect on the glass and decrease the quality of copies. Slamming Drawer Doors Similar to having the cover fall, slamming doors after loading paper or replacing toner is asking for trouble. It might be easy to think that it’s not a big deal because nothing happens immediately. However, over time, frequent slamming of these doors or pushing them closed with body parts stronger than your fingers (such as elbows or feet) can wear away at the integrity of the doors, and they can come off of the machine and need to be replaced. Copying Too Early If you copy a document before the ink or corrective fluids have time to dry, this can cause jams. Everything running inside the copier is meant to be dry. Any liquid (including spilled water or coffee) on a page could cause problems with the machine. Leaving Paper in Machine Unused Over Breaks Sometimes offices have to or choose to shut down for a period of time. This could be extended holidays, furloughs, building-wide fumigation, or renovations and repairs. When this happens, especially in warmer seasons, heat and humidity can actually cause paper to jam more and copies to be less sharp. If your office is closing for longer than a weekend, consider removing the paper and keeping it stored in a cooler place until the staff returns.  It might be helpful to make sure that employees have a separate room in which to use a copier so that it might be easier to be mindful of copier care. Posting signs can help. Verbal reminders monthly or weekly (for example, during staff meetings) might be effective as well. Copier repair can be costly and time-consuming. Make sure your business continues to run smoothly by getting rid of these four bad habits in your office today. If you do find yourself in need of copier repair services, contact a company like Computer & Printer...

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Four Things You Need To Know About Boat Licenses

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When you want to operate a boat, it is important to realize that you must have the proper license to do so. Failure to have a boat license when operating a boat can cause you to get a ticket and owe fines. Getting your boat license is not difficult to do. The guide below walks you through a few things that you need to know about getting your boating license. You Can Take a Boaters Course Online There are many great boating courses offered online that you can take. This allows you to learn about boating when it is convenient for you. Be sure that you look for a course that pertains to the state where you live as some states have different laws regarding boating than others do. You Must Take a Test Before Receiving Your License Before you are able to get your boating license, you have to prove that you know the pertinent information that you need to know. There will be a test that you will need to take and pass before you can get your license. Many states restrict the number of times that you can take the test so you need to try your hardest to pass it the first time you take it. You Cannot Be Intoxicated While Operating the Vessel Many people do not realize that it is illegal to operate a boat while they are intoxicated. They think that the likelihood of crashing is diminished because it is not like when they are driving on a busy street. Operating a water vessel can be very dangerous, especially if you are intoxicated. If you are found to be intoxicated while operating a boat, you could face the same penalties as you would face if you were driving a car intoxicated. You Can Laminate Paper Licenses There are some states who issue boating education cards rather than licenses. The cards are sometimes printed on paper and can become damaged relatively easily. It is best to laminate the cards so that they can last as long as possible. You can take the card to any printing shop and they should be able to easily laminate it for you. Be sure to always carry the license with you when you are boating. There are times when police are out on the water and will stop boats to check for licenses and registrations. If you do not have the license on you, you could get a ticket for operating a vessel without a license which could be quite costly....

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Eurototes: A Look At The Advantages Of This Retail Packaging

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As the owner of a retail business, every aspect of the business has a direct reflection on your overall brand, right down to the packaging that you send your customers away with when their shopping trip is over. If you are like ordinary retailers, the basic plastic or paper bag will be the designated packaging that purchased products are placed inside when customers check out. However, even this seemingly simple aspect of everyday business has room for improvement. Opting instead for eurototes over traditional bags is the perfect example of how even the small aspects of customer interaction can make a huge difference. Here is a quick look at why using eurototes instead of traditional bags is a good idea as a retail business owner.  Eurototes convey a certain message to consumers.  When you think of upscale, luxury shopping, what is it that comes to mind? If you are like most people, you will conjure up an image of a customer strolling to their vehicle with fancy wrapped packages and of course, fancy bagging. The fact is, eurototes offer a more elegant and luxurious appeal to consumers, which means by using these as your everyday packaging supply, you take on a new status as a retailer.  Eurototes are a form of traveling advertisement.  There is a pretty good chance that when you tuck your merchandise into a eurotote and send a customer on their way, this bag that you have sent with them is not going to find its way straight into the trash. These bags are created with durable materials, often with laminated sides and bottoms, which means they are definitely reusable. With your company name or logo printed proudly on the side, this eurotote becomes a traveling advertisement for your retail business. It will likely be reused several times, and each time, your company name will be set before a potential consumer.  Eurototes are a good way to be considerate of your customers.  One of the primary reasons retailers go for eurototes over traditional bags is the fact that these containers are far more durable and easy to handle for customers. Eurototes are structurally rigid, meaning that the contents inside of the tote are protected. Therefore, your customer can walk away from the store with an expensive linen shirt and not see it in a crumpled mess by the time they arrive home. likewise, eurototes usually have nice rope handles that are easy to grasp and carry.  For more information, contact local professionals like The Bag...

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Small Business Saturday: 4 Ways To Effectively Use Insert Printing

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Every year, the Saturday after Black Friday is known as Small Business Saturday. This is a great way to reach out to new customers, promote sales , and get started on the busy holiday shopping season. Getting people to come to your store is the first step. Along with digital media, you can still reach a variety of customers through print advertisements. One of the easiest ways to showcase your products and Small Business Saturday deals is with insert printing. Insert advertisements can be spread throughout the whole community to help promote the day. As you plan out insert designs, there are four ways to effectively use them for your promotions. Special Store Hours Shopping can get hectic and crazy on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Do not leave your customers confused. As you plan the insert design, ensure that the hours and special opening times are clearly stated on the front of the ad. This will help shoppers plan and know the best times to visit your store. Coupons Adding coupons to your insert ads will give someone a reason to pick up the insert and keep it. A single coupon can be placed on the front of the ad to attract shoppers. Multiple coupons can be placed in other sections of the ad so that you can have additional discounts to look forward to. The coupons are a great way to promote your sales and add extra savings for consumers. You can even offer extra coupons for customers unable to make it to the Small Business Saturday event. This allows you to reach as many customers as possible. Holiday Logo Designs & Themes A number of insert printing companies have graphic design teams to help plan out different logo designs for inserts. You can add the spirit of the holidays by using these services to create unique designs. For example, a graphic artist can design Christmas lights to make it look like they are hanging around your logo. Other small themes and designs can be used like candy canes, Santa hats, and Christmas trees. Digital Connections An insert may not have the space to feature all of your products and sales. By using the designs, you can expand the ways that customers access information. For example, you can add QR codes on the inserts that customers can scan to reach video promotions, websites, or social media. You can also provide text links to exclusive online deals and digital coupons. All of these methods will help you connect to customers and showcase the services that you have to offer. Getting your insert ads printed early is an ideal way to reach out to customers and be fully prepared for the Small Business Saturday experience. For more information, contact Flottman Company or a similar...

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How To Better Advertise Your Business

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If you want to make sure that your company is getting noticed a lot more, you need to think about using all of the different ways you can advertise. To help get you started in the right direction, you will want to take a few moments to review the following suggestions. Have New Business Cards Printed And Ready To Hand Out You will want to hand out as many business cards as you can when the opportunity presents itself. However, it is not just about handing out cards. You want to make sure that the business cards are going to truly grab the attention of the people that are receiving them. You can make them unique by having a printing company print business cards that are a different shape, larger than the standard size, or that have a unique picture and colorful words printed on them. The point is to make sure that your business card is going to stick out. Once the printing company is finished with your business cards, you will want to hand one to every person you meet. Leave some with the tip that you are leaving at a restaurant. Tack some up to the bulletin boards at the local library, grocery store, and laundromat. Always be on the lookout for new places to leave your business card. Print And Distribute Door Hanging Advertisements If you have an upcoming sale or new product coming out, you might want to let as many people know about it as you can through the use of advertisements that you leave on the doorknobs of local homes. You will first need to make sure that you are able to obtain the proper permit to leave such advertisements on the doors of homes so you do not get your company in any trouble. Then you will want to draw up a sketch of what it is that you would like your door hanger to look like and take that sketch to the local printing shop. Once they are finished with the printing process, you and a couple of your employees can hit the town and leave them on as many doors as you possibly can in order to get word out about your business. With those two suggestions, you should find that it is going to be much easier to advertise your business in a way that it is truly going to get noticed. For more information, contact local professionals like Fotorecord Print...

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How to Turn Your Custom Wedding Invitations into Mementos for Your Guests

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A marriage is an exciting occasion that is sure to provide enjoyable memories for you, your intended, and your guests. Turning your wedding invitations into mementos will give your guests something tangible to hold on to after your marriage that will help remind them of the special day as time goes on. Consider using the following tips and tricks to get the job done: Include a Colorful Photo Consider featuring a colorful photo of you and your soon-to-be spouse right on the front flap of your invitations. Guests can detach the front flap and frame the photo to hang on their wall and memorialize your big event. Make sure the photo you choose is in full color, and have it printed with a glossy finish to give it a professionally finished look that will look great on the walls of your friends and family members. Customize the Print Instead of having the same exact information printed on your invitations, create a custom print for each guest. Have their individual names printed inside the invitations along with a personalized note about why their attendance is important to you. This method will help ensure that no two guests receive the same invitation, which should make the invitations more valuable and memorable to them. Your guests can put the printed portion of their invitation in a scrapbook to look back on as the years pass. Design Some Borders Spiff your invitations up a little with some colorful borders. Work with your custom printer to create a unique border design and color scheme that can be included on the fronts and insides of your invitations. You can have the initials of you and your fiance and the year of your marriage infused into the border, and you can then overlay your guests’ names over the border to make each invitation unique. It’s helpful to choose your wedding color scheme before creating your invitations so you can use those same colors to create your borders and maintain the same general theme among your invitations, ceremony, and reception. Have Them Laminated It’s a good idea to have your invitations laminated after they’ve been printed so that they stay in good shape as time goes on. Laminated invitations can be stored away in a memento box without getting moldy and can be hung on a wall without the need for an enclosed frame. Once laminated, you can send your invitations to guests as postcards and save some money on envelopes. These tips and tricks should make it easy to create interesting, unique wedding invitations that your guests are sure to appreciate for many years to come.   For more information, talk to a company such as Fleetwood Photo & Digital....

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4 Reasons To Use Business Cards In The Digital Age

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Although some may be lamenting the death of the business card, rest assured, it will still be used in days to come. The business card can provide potential clients with quick info, and convey a sense of preparedness that simply writing down your email address cannot. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn just a few of the reasons to continue using business cards in the digital age. Preparedness By giving a potential client or business contact a business card, you are conveying a level of preparedness and professional decorum that you otherwise would not be imparting. You don’t always want to be scrambling for a pen and a napkin to write down your contact information, or fumbling about with an unwieldy mobile device. Sometimes being ready to hand off a business card is the sleekest, and most prepared way, to share information with someone. “Warmth” By using a business card, you are transferring something that can only be described as “warmth”. It’s a personal experience. Although sending a text or swapping phone numbers through a mobile device can be convenient, it’s also impersonal. There’s something human lost in making eye contact with a potential business contact and shaking his or her hand before imparting a business card. Let Business Cards Market For You Remember that a sleek, interesting, and even technologically advanced business card is not merely a novelty, but it will generate conversation. Not just between you and a potential client or business contact, but between that business contact and others. A card with an interesting branding or technological quirk, like a digital QR code, can generate word of mouth hype. In a way, the card itself does marketing for you. First Impressions First impressions are based on the memories that someone has of you, and sometimes even the physical artifacts tied to those memories. Is a person going to have that physical object if you simply exchange contact information through your mobile device? Chances are, a person isn’t going to remember you simply by taking a glance at their phone. However, by giving a person your personal business card, they will remember you. That object is personally tied to you. By making sure that your business card is a professional affair, you’ll also ensure that memory is a good one. Business cards can convey a lot about you and your brand. They can also ensure that you will be remembered as a professional individual representing a compelling brand. Contact a printing company, such as Print Source, for more information....

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How Wide Format Printing Can Change Your Art And Help You Sell More Of Your Work

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One of the biggest problems artists encounter is that they cannot sell their original art for the asking price because many people cannot afford it. However, there are companies out there that are willing to make printed copies of your work, two-dimensional prints of any size or format, which you can sell at a fraction of the cost of the original work from which the prints are copied. If you would prefer to keep your artwork closer to home, there is an alternative. Instead, invest in your own wide-format printing machine, and discover all of the following ways that it can change your art while it helps you sell more of it. An Expensive Investment with Long-Term Payoffs A wide format printer is an expensive investment, but it has long-term payoffs. For one, you are able to make greeting cards, postcards, banners, T-shirts and other wearable art, as well as two-dimensional copies of your work in smaller or larger sizes to suit your customers. In addition to the multiple formats, sizes and prices you can offer for the same piece of artwork, you get a lot of exposure for your work. People who might not otherwise see your art may receive a smaller print or greeting card with your work on the front and decide they want to know more about the artist or seek out more of your work. Finally, the last benefit is that you only have to print what you want and need, and you do not have to pay printing services to do the job for you. Changing the Appearance of Your Art If you have a piece that is especially popular, but some customers would prefer a different color scheme, a wide format printer can change that. You do not have to alter the original. You simply scan it with the printer’s scanner, change the colors on the touch screen and print. You can also edit, crop or add effects to an artwork this way, creating new and improved pieces that you can store and print whenever you want.  How a Wide Format Printer Helps You Sell More Art Let’s say you want to put the same piece of art in five different shows that are all occurring at the same time. As long as there are no rules regarding copies or prints entering the show, you could print four copies of the original and enter all five shows. If the prints and/or the original all sell at all five shows, you have successfully sold more of your art than you would have entering your original piece in just one show. Less expensive prints also tend to sell more, so you could do this to infinity and make enough money from your art to pay for the wide format printer in no time at...

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Cool Custom Gifts That Bring Smiles But Don’t Break The Bank

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If you are looking for a great gift to show someone you care, but are on a limited budget, try giving something personal and from the heart. A printer or online print company will offer some unique ideas that may fit the bill nicely- while not costing a fortune. Some cool custom gift ideas that are inexpensive to create include: Custom cards and stationary items. Many printers will make customized stationary and greeting cards that you can personalize with photos, monograms, or motifs that suit your gift recipient. Consider using pictures of their kids, pets, or a favorite photo to make cards and stationary that they will use year-round! Some printers may also offer items such as sticky-notes, letter openers, or address labels that also make useful and affordable gifts. Personalized calendars. Everyone uses a calendar, whether it is at work on their desk or in the kitchen to remind them of important appointments. Talk to a printer about creating a calendar with a picture that will be both familiar and delightful to the recipient; some may even be able to customize dates on the calendar to fill in important birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions to make the gift personal and useful. Cool photo canvases. Have a great picture that your gift recipient will love? Create a lasting keepsake by having the photo turned into a canvas that is suitable for hanging on any wall. These are lovely mementos that really do not cost a lot, and that will be cherished for years to come. A funny mug. Ask your printer about customized mugs or cups that make use of a picture, emblem, or other motif. These are exceptionally good gifts for coworkers or the boss, when you want to give them something that they will use daily. Accented accessories. Another fun idea that a recipient might enjoy is an accented item to use or wear; this might include an inexpensive fleece lap-throw or a scarf. Have the recipient’s initial or an emblem embroidered on the item to give it an upscale touch, without spending a fortune! Gift recipients will love getting something that you had a hand in creating, and these are just a few of the low-cost ideas that will bring a smile. Talk with printers and merchants regarding customized photo gifts that fit into your gift-giving budget, and that suit the recipient best. Try some of these ideas when you are looking for an appreciated gift, without spending a lot of...

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Impact Your Customers With Out-Of-The-Ordinary Business Card Design

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When it comes to advertising campaigns for your business, the choices you make about design are vital for catching the attention of potential customers. If you are thinking about having business cards made for your business, avoiding the traditional styles is a good idea. Consider these cool ideas for creating the business cards your customers will enjoy and not soon forget. Designing Cards Around The Kind Of Business You Own Being unique is important for your business to stand out from the rest. The same is also true about the design you choose for your advertising, especially when it comes to business cards. For example, if you own a bakery, you might consider having edible gingerbread cards. You can also have paper cards for your customers to keep after they eat the ones made out gingerbread. You can have your business name and other information printed with food colors on your edible cards. You could choose from a traditional rectangular style or you might make them in the shape of gingerbread men. Another example is bone or paw print shapes for the business cards of a pet shop. Think about the kind of business you own and how you could incorporate it into the shape and overall design of your cards. A Business Card Your Customers Can Use A business card design that is also a useful object for your customers is always a good way to remain in their memory. One example is a card that doubles as a tool. Your business logo and other information can be printed on a flat screwdriver or tire gauge. Another example is a business card that can be used as a magnetic picture frame. You can have your information printed on the inside of the frame and have it pop out to leave a decorative, colorful frame. Making It Personal Can Increase Your Customer Base A card with just your logo, name and business information can be more personal if you also add your picture as well. When people see you on your business card, they automatically feel like they know more about you. Bear in mind the importance of building trust between yourself and your customers. Adding your picture to your business card design can be a good way to start kindling trust that can turn into returning, loyal customers. Never scrimp on the money or time you spend for advertising. Doing so could cause your business to fall behind the competition. Also, when deciding the details about your marketing campaigns, always think outside the box so you will remain ahead of your competitors simply due to new, creative marketing ideas. For a professional business card, contact a company such as 4 Color...

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