Designing A Custom Brochure To Influence Opinions: Dos And Don'ts

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Whether you're attempting influence opinion in a local election or trying to persuade the general public to support your cause, custom brochure printing services can help you reach a wide audience in a short amount of time. Following these tips will help you design and print the best brochure possible.

Break Down the Message Into A Few Clear Points

Your goal is a difficult one: to persuade others to believe something they may not already believe. You're going to need to make the biggest impact you can in as few words as possible. Use of headers in your brochure will help you get across the major points in bold, rich text. You can follow up each header with a paragraph of information, but the greatest impact needs to come from the words that leap from the page. 

To write the most effective headers possible, start by writing out your position in paragraph form. Next, condense that paragraph until you've used as few sentences as possible. Arrange each sentence in order in a list form. Remove extra words from the list, and replace difficult or long words with short, easy-to-read words. Each item on the list will form a header in your brochure. 

Limit the Color Palette

Use of too many colors on your brochure can confuse your message and distract from the textLimit your color choices to just two or three colors. If you're struggling to pick the color scheme, pick colors affiliated with your cause or organization. Alternatively, start with a black and white color scheme and introduce one or two colors that will work well in combination with black and white. 

Hire All the Professionals You Can

Professional graphic designers and writers will have the experience necessary to attract the attention of your audience. If you're not able to hire a graphic designer or writer on your budget, seek out someone who already believes in your cause and who is willing to work for a reduced rate or volunteer basis. Hiring professionals will ensure that your literature has as much impact on your audience as possible. 

Take a Look at Samples Before Committing to a Printer

The quality of your custom brochure could have as much influence over the public's opinion as the message itself. Low-quality brochures can make your organization or group seem amateurish and even untrustworthy. High quality brochures lends a sense of professionalism to your cause. Request samples form your printer before committing to a service. Feel the weight of the paper and check the folds for smooth edges with unbroken ink. Designing and printing the best brochure possible can go a long way to influencing the public's opinion. Following these tips can help your cause.