Cool Custom Gifts That Bring Smiles But Don't Break The Bank

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If you are looking for a great gift to show someone you care, but are on a limited budget, try giving something personal and from the heart. A printer or online print company will offer some unique ideas that may fit the bill nicely- while not costing a fortune.

Some cool custom gift ideas that are inexpensive to create include:

Custom cards and stationary items.

Many printers will make customized stationary and greeting cards that you can personalize with photos, monograms, or motifs that suit your gift recipient. Consider using pictures of their kids, pets, or a favorite photo to make cards and stationary that they will use year-round! Some printers may also offer items such as sticky-notes, letter openers, or address labels that also make useful and affordable gifts.

Personalized calendars.

Everyone uses a calendar, whether it is at work on their desk or in the kitchen to remind them of important appointments. Talk to a printer about creating a calendar with a picture that will be both familiar and delightful to the recipient; some may even be able to customize dates on the calendar to fill in important birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions to make the gift personal and useful.

Cool photo canvases.

Have a great picture that your gift recipient will love? Create a lasting keepsake by having the photo turned into a canvas that is suitable for hanging on any wall. These are lovely mementos that really do not cost a lot, and that will be cherished for years to come.

A funny mug.

Ask your printer about customized mugs or cups that make use of a picture, emblem, or other motif. These are exceptionally good gifts for coworkers or the boss, when you want to give them something that they will use daily.

Accented accessories.

Another fun idea that a recipient might enjoy is an accented item to use or wear; this might include an inexpensive fleece lap-throw or a scarf. Have the recipient's initial or an emblem embroidered on the item to give it an upscale touch, without spending a fortune!

Gift recipients will love getting something that you had a hand in creating, and these are just a few of the low-cost ideas that will bring a smile. Talk with printers and merchants regarding customized photo gifts that fit into your gift-giving budget, and that suit the recipient best. Try some of these ideas when you are looking for an appreciated gift, without spending a lot of money.