How Wide Format Printing Can Change Your Art And Help You Sell More Of Your Work

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One of the biggest problems artists encounter is that they cannot sell their original art for the asking price because many people cannot afford it. However, there are companies out there that are willing to make printed copies of your work, two-dimensional prints of any size or format, which you can sell at a fraction of the cost of the original work from which the prints are copied. If you would prefer to keep your artwork closer to home, there is an alternative. Instead, invest in your own wide-format printing machine, and discover all of the following ways that it can change your art while it helps you sell more of it.

An Expensive Investment with Long-Term Payoffs

A wide format printer is an expensive investment, but it has long-term payoffs. For one, you are able to make greeting cards, postcards, banners, T-shirts and other wearable art, as well as two-dimensional copies of your work in smaller or larger sizes to suit your customers. In addition to the multiple formats, sizes and prices you can offer for the same piece of artwork, you get a lot of exposure for your work. People who might not otherwise see your art may receive a smaller print or greeting card with your work on the front and decide they want to know more about the artist or seek out more of your work. Finally, the last benefit is that you only have to print what you want and need, and you do not have to pay printing services to do the job for you.

Changing the Appearance of Your Art

If you have a piece that is especially popular, but some customers would prefer a different color scheme, a wide format printer can change that. You do not have to alter the original. You simply scan it with the printer's scanner, change the colors on the touch screen and print. You can also edit, crop or add effects to an artwork this way, creating new and improved pieces that you can store and print whenever you want. 

How a Wide Format Printer Helps You Sell More Art

Let's say you want to put the same piece of art in five different shows that are all occurring at the same time. As long as there are no rules regarding copies or prints entering the show, you could print four copies of the original and enter all five shows. If the prints and/or the original all sell at all five shows, you have successfully sold more of your art than you would have entering your original piece in just one show. Less expensive prints also tend to sell more, so you could do this to infinity and make enough money from your art to pay for the wide format printer in no time at all.