4 Reasons To Use Business Cards In The Digital Age

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Although some may be lamenting the death of the business card, rest assured, it will still be used in days to come. The business card can provide potential clients with quick info, and convey a sense of preparedness that simply writing down your email address cannot. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn just a few of the reasons to continue using business cards in the digital age.


By giving a potential client or business contact a business card, you are conveying a level of preparedness and professional decorum that you otherwise would not be imparting. You don't always want to be scrambling for a pen and a napkin to write down your contact information, or fumbling about with an unwieldy mobile device. Sometimes being ready to hand off a business card is the sleekest, and most prepared way, to share information with someone.


By using a business card, you are transferring something that can only be described as "warmth". It's a personal experience. Although sending a text or swapping phone numbers through a mobile device can be convenient, it's also impersonal. There's something human lost in making eye contact with a potential business contact and shaking his or her hand before imparting a business card.

Let Business Cards Market For You

Remember that a sleek, interesting, and even technologically advanced business card is not merely a novelty, but it will generate conversation. Not just between you and a potential client or business contact, but between that business contact and others. A card with an interesting branding or technological quirk, like a digital QR code, can generate word of mouth hype. In a way, the card itself does marketing for you.

First Impressions

First impressions are based on the memories that someone has of you, and sometimes even the physical artifacts tied to those memories. Is a person going to have that physical object if you simply exchange contact information through your mobile device? Chances are, a person isn't going to remember you simply by taking a glance at their phone. However, by giving a person your personal business card, they will remember you. That object is personally tied to you. By making sure that your business card is a professional affair, you'll also ensure that memory is a good one.

Business cards can convey a lot about you and your brand. They can also ensure that you will be remembered as a professional individual representing a compelling brand. Contact a printing company, such as Print Source, for more information.