How to Turn Your Custom Wedding Invitations into Mementos for Your Guests

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A marriage is an exciting occasion that is sure to provide enjoyable memories for you, your intended, and your guests. Turning your wedding invitations into mementos will give your guests something tangible to hold on to after your marriage that will help remind them of the special day as time goes on. Consider using the following tips and tricks to get the job done:

Include a Colorful Photo

Consider featuring a colorful photo of you and your soon-to-be spouse right on the front flap of your invitations. Guests can detach the front flap and frame the photo to hang on their wall and memorialize your big event. Make sure the photo you choose is in full color, and have it printed with a glossy finish to give it a professionally finished look that will look great on the walls of your friends and family members.

Customize the Print

Instead of having the same exact information printed on your invitations, create a custom print for each guest. Have their individual names printed inside the invitations along with a personalized note about why their attendance is important to you. This method will help ensure that no two guests receive the same invitation, which should make the invitations more valuable and memorable to them. Your guests can put the printed portion of their invitation in a scrapbook to look back on as the years pass.

Design Some Borders

Spiff your invitations up a little with some colorful borders. Work with your custom printer to create a unique border design and color scheme that can be included on the fronts and insides of your invitations. You can have the initials of you and your fiance and the year of your marriage infused into the border, and you can then overlay your guests' names over the border to make each invitation unique. It's helpful to choose your wedding color scheme before creating your invitations so you can use those same colors to create your borders and maintain the same general theme among your invitations, ceremony, and reception.

Have Them Laminated

It's a good idea to have your invitations laminated after they've been printed so that they stay in good shape as time goes on. Laminated invitations can be stored away in a memento box without getting moldy and can be hung on a wall without the need for an enclosed frame. Once laminated, you can send your invitations to guests as postcards and save some money on envelopes.

These tips and tricks should make it easy to create interesting, unique wedding invitations that your guests are sure to appreciate for many years to come.  

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