3 Things To Consider When You're Having Business Cards Made

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If you run a business, then you are going to need to make sure that you market it effectively. The more that you market, the more likely you are to land new clients and be successful. When you are marketing, it's critical to make sure that you have enough marketing materials to use and hand out. One of those marketing materials is business cards. Your business cards can be really impactful because they can help people remember you and encourage people to reach out to you. As such, it's important that your business cards truly represent you, your personality, your company, and your brand. But how? This article will list three considerations to make when you're having your business cards made. 

The Color Process

Yes, black and white business cards are going to be a lot more affordable, but if your business's brand uses multiple colors, then you will want to go with that. One of the best ways to get great color out of your printing is to go with a four-color process. During a four-color printing process, the printer will use four different colors in order to create the perfect shades and tones for your business cards. And the great thing about doing this type of printing is that they will do different runs for you so that you can see what it looks like at every step of the process. 

The Paper

Not all paper is created equal in the printing world. Some papers are going to be thin and won't take the printing process very well, while other papers are going to hold onto the ink better. When you are meeting your printer, they will show you a bunch of different cards in different price ranges. Depending on your budget, you may want to go with an ultra-sturdy card stock because it's going to stand out more than others. But if you are on a tight budget, then an ordinary card stock may do the trick just fine. 

The Design

Before you go to have your business cards printed, make sure that you work with a graphic designer to design cards that really showcase you and your brand and that look great. Although you may have to pay a designer a little bit of money initially, it will be worth it in the long run because you will ultimately get the right end product in your hands.