Tips For Buying And Using Delta Sigma Theta Birthday Cards

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When you pledge a bond of sisterhood, it's the type of thing that you have to keep recommitting yourself to. Joining a sorority like Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. means you're following in the footsteps of a tradition that began in 1913. Once you take your oath, you should commit to keeping in touch with your sisters in Delta—particularly those that you crossed the burning sands with. There's no better way to keep in touch with a line sister anywhere in the world like sending out birthday cards every year. With Delta Sigma Theta birthday cards, you can also send them a message related to your shared bond, which also can help strengthen their commitment to the sisterhood. Keep reading to learn more about buying the best sorority-themed birthday cards that you can send out regularly. 

Choose a card theme that holds some meaning to your line sister 

First and foremost, make sure that your birthday card hits the mark with the impression that you create. No matter how much time you spent on line with your fellow pledges, these are bonds that will last a lifetime. Choose a design that features the sorority mascot and any sayings that are particularly poignant to the relationship you have with your line sister and how it relates to the organization as a whole. Make sure that the card has plenty of space to write some heartfelt well-wishes that they will also appreciate reading on their special day. Always choose a card that is high-quality and well-made so that the recipient can keep it for a while without the card fading or weathering. 

Plan out your calendar and keep several birthday and greeting cards in rotation 

Once you order some assorted Delta Sigma Theta birthday cards, you'll want to keep them in your home office desk and start scheduling when you're sending them out and to whom. When you manage your calendar in this way, it helps to keep you on track with every part of your personal and professional life. Planning out these birthday cards gives you a reason to reach out to someone important in your life to let you know that you're thinking about them. This is valuable in helping you to manage relationships throughout the rest of your life so that you can strengthen bonds as you grow and evolve. 

Consider the tips above as you begin shopping for birthday cards.