Why Custom Envelopes Are A Good Option For Your Personal And Business Correspondence

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Whether you own a business, help with a local charity, or enjoy writing personal letters to friends and family, having attractive envelopes will make your correspondence stand out from the rest. Designed to highlight your unique brand, custom envelopes are a smart investment in your business and are an attractive alternative to standard envelopes when used for personal correspondence. 

First impressions matter

Making a good first impression on a potential client is one way to get your business noticed, and custom envelopes can make a difference. While the information inside the envelope is important, holding a potential client's interest long enough to get them to open the mailing is the key to successful marketing by mail. Custom envelopes stand out and get noticed among the regular daily influx of junk mail.

Show professionalism

Custom envelopes show you care enough to take the extra step to make your correspondence attractive. Knowing you care about the smallest details of your business will help your potential customers take you seriously. Using matching letterhead with your custom envelopes will further enhance your professionalism.

Highlight your brand

All businesses know the importance of establishing a brand when using marketing materials. Whether your brand consists of specific colors, a logo, or a certain font, custom envelopes make it easy to highlight your brand. When your correspondence arrives in a regular customer's mailbox, they will recognize it.  

Colored custom envelopes are another way to make an impact and help you establish your brand. For instance, if one of your brand colors is navy blue or green, using custom envelopes in those colors will make them stand out. 

Make personal mail attractive

Handwritten letters are making a comeback, as people long for a simpler way of life and are intrigued by the art of letter writing. Handmade cards are a popular crafting trend and custom envelopes are the perfect choice for making your personal cards and letters special. Custom envelopes give you the opportunity to add embellishments, like flowers, music notes, animals, etc., to make your envelopes uniquely yours.

It is not uncommon for people to go to their mailbox and find it full of advertisements and junk mail, which often get tossed into the trash can without being opened. This is where custom-designed envelopes can make a difference. Correspondence that is professional-looking and attractive is more likely to garner attention and stand out among the other mail that is vying for your potential customer's attention.

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